What They Say - Testimonials

"It has been a pleasure to work with the Compas team. I have appreciated their collaborative approach to conducting research and was amazed at the insights they uncovered through careful survey design and thorough data analysis. Their work for Nipissing University has allowed us to develop marketing and recruiting plans based on a true understanding of our target audience.."

Beverly Martin, Director of External Relations
Nipissing University

"What impressed me most about the project COMPAS undertook for us was the depth of understanding that was brought to the table. The subject matter was sensitive and COMPAS was able to design a questionnaire and train interviewers to take this sensitivity into account, collect valuable data and deliver, all while respecting our very tight timelines. The results were clearly communicated and actionable. I couldn't have asked for more."

Dan Charrette, formerly Director,
Program Assessment, Employment Insurance, HRSDC.

"Canadian polling company COMPAS is more upbeat about Harper [than the other firms]. 'We anticipate a large Conservative victory [in the coming Canadian election], virtually large enough to assure a majority.'"

Wall Street Journal.


"Polling from a guy who knows."

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"By far the best pollster in all of Canada by a country mile. Others explained [the 2011 federal election] after the fact but he was the only one to explain it before the fact."

Dr. Reuven Bulka, CFRA

"The firm that got it [the federal election] right."



"COMPAS Research played a key role in the success of our hospitals’ fundraising campaign...help[ing]...to generate more than $20 million in pledge commitments toward the local share of constructing new hospital facilitities."

Denise Cumming, CFRE
Executive Director
University Hospitals Kingston Foundation

"This fascinating survey [on crisis preparedness] provides valuable insight into where we are today but also how much work we have to do in emergency preparedness...CCEP should be commended for commissioning the COMPAS study because strong survey research is sometimes what is needed to bring about successful remedial action."

James G. Young M.D. Former Commissioner of Emergency Management for Ontario and
Ontario’s first Commissioner for Public Security.

"Tremendous amount of excellent work [in opinion research]...Absolutely brilliant...You have done a marvellous job for your client and your client is lucky to have had you conduct the survey."

Senator Mac Harb.

"[The House of Commons] Agriculture Committee accepted practically all the major COMPAS recommendations [i.e. in its review of the Canadian Grain Commission and Act]."


"It was a complete pleasure to work with you and I look forward working with you again. You and your team delivered big time and we couldn't be more satisfied with our experience with you."

Sarah Kapoor, Senior Producer, CBC Television

"I've appreciated working with COMPAS on this [customer satisfaction] engagement. Very professionally executed."

Ajay Sachdeva, Project Manager, Ontario Ministry of Finance

"[COMPAS Report to Agriculture Canada] shows good work."

Western Producer, Editorial

"The report was excellent [and] highly readable."

Gordon Harrison, President, Canadian National Millers Association

"Excellent job."

Paul Gregory, President, Interlake Forage Seeds Ltd.

"One of the country's prominent pollsters."

Alexander Panetta, Canadian Press

"The great Canadian pollster....One of Canada's most scientific pollsters."

David Frum, National Review Online

"[COMPAS research on journalists' attitudes] is a great project and provides a valuable glimpse into the media mind."

April Lindgren, CanWest News

"Our experience was great. I would highly recommend them to anyone - simple to work with them, fast turnaround, and results that are really useable."

Eric Henry, CEO, Fruitbelt Development

"COMPAS' projects were pure gold. Their team greatly exceeded our expectations for understanding what we wanted, what we needed, the quality of analysis, and the breadth of fieldwork."

Phil Upshall,
Executive Director, Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and
Mental Health and Mood Disorders Society of Canada, and
Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Dalhousie University

"We were really impressed by Conrad's team. It was refreshing to be in the presence of such bright people, who just wanted to take our thinking to a new level. And, their lightening-fast turnaround saved our bacon!"

David Brown
Executive Vice-President, RE/MAX Canada's largest realtor.

"Genius at creating questionnaires."

Lyn Hendricks
CEO, Clarity Publications

"Insightful, revealing and actionable. COMPAS Research is tops".

Mark Maheu
Vice-President and General Manager, CFRA radio (CHUM), Ottawa.

"COMPAS' polling questions elicit answers that make the reader think!"

Dr. Harry Swain
Policy Advisor, Former Deputy Minister and Merchant Banker.

"With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, I went back yesterday to re-read Saturday's Star, Globe and National Post...[COMPAS' for the Post] turned out to be right on the money."

Nate Laurie
The Toronto Star.

"Working with restricted time lines and budget, COMPAS understood our projects' needs immediately, responding quickly and effectively. Your company's experience and professionalism resulted in the product which was right to the point, saving us a lot of time and effort."

Sandra Antic
Marketing Program Officer, Natural Resources Canada

"The complete [COMPAS poll about the CBC for CanWest] is available at http:www.compas.ca. And bravo, I say."

Antonia Zerbisias
Toronto Star Media Columnist.

"We were only able to undertake the research we did with the support and expertise of the terrific people at COMPAS. As a charity, we need to know about our donors but we must find ways to do this in an efficient way. COMPAS was able to do a survey for us that was in-depth and cost-effective. Thank you for helping us to pin-point our needs."

Rose Cino
Manager Media Relations, Covenant House Toronto

"COMPAS has been very helpful identifying the issues and trends of most importance to our industry, and has provided strong and clear value for our members."

Tim Page
President, Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada

"Excellent work"

Ambassador Norman Spector

"Thanks for your assistance with the development of CPF's School Self-Assessment Tool. Your advice on research methodology for the tool was invaluable. Speaking personally, as the project manager I was impressed with COMPAS' adherence to timelines and flagging possible obstacles before they became an issue. We completed this project on time, on budget, and with an exceptional final product...thanks in large part to the expertise and advise provided by COMPAS."

Rhonda Douglas
Canadian Parents for French

"The most accurate polls in the last federal election"

Julie Smyth
The National Post

"The best pollsters, like COMPAS, are very adept at probing beneath people's surface opinions to detect what they're really feeling."

John Barr
Barr & Wilcox Group, Vancouver

"The National Post's excellent pollster...has a winning poll streak firmly demonstrated in superb tracking of the Mike Harris Tories in the 1999 Ontario election."

Larry Zolf
Zolf Notebook, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation web site

"A non-partisan research firm respected for the accuracy of its forecasts."

Neville S. Henderson
Canadian Institute of Actuaries

"One of Canada's top polling firms"


"Pollster has real pulse of the election."

Doug Sweet
Montreal Gazette

"COMPAS gives unique insights into the views and minds of decision makers and decision leaders. They interpret the results strategically to help us take the most effective action."

George Miller
President, Canadian Mining Association

"The most innovative research firm in Canada. I like what you do and it's done with analytic flair and imagination."

Mark Daniels
President, Canadian Life and Health, Insurance Association Inc.

"We needed information that was statistically reliable and valid, and ASAP. Our contacts came up with one constant name - COMPAS. We hired them, and they delivered data that was on time, accurate, and, most importantly, useful."

Robert C. P. Westbury
Vice-President, Government Affairs, TransAlta Utilities Corporation

"Thank you for your excellent work... I especially appreciate your immense knowledge of the audience we were looking at. Your report is very useful because it provides us with intriguing avenues for achieving our goals."

Maurice E. Therrien
Executive Director, Co-Operatives Secretariat, Agriculture Canada

"The key thing about working with COMPAS is that you hear what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. The data are always supported with intelligent analysis that helps keep the user from drawing the wrong conclusions. COMPAS' work on a number of our special purpose surveys has been a breath of fresh air."

Doug Lindores
Secretary-General and CEO, Canadian Red Cross Society


Chris Cobb
Ottawa Citizen.

"A respected research firm."

Bill Schiller, head of the London, England bureau of the Toronto Star: Bob Fife, head of the Ottawa bureau of Sun News Services; and Paul Wells, the Montreal Gazette.

"Uncannily accurate in its reading of the B.C. scene"

David Mitchell
Columnist, Vancouver Sun.

"Can you trust Conrad Winn and COMPAS? Yes, and they're brilliant. Their predictions are amazingly accurate, and their understanding of the country is remarkable."

Mike Duffy on CTV's Sunday Edition.

"We've been doing projects with COMPAS over a period of years and consistently found their work of excellent quality and their staff a pleasure to deal with."

Mark Genuis Ph.D. (Couns. Psych.),
Executive Director, National Foundation for Family Research and Education.

"Our work with COMPAS provides an essential benchmark of our constituents' perceptions and motivations, and more importantly, a depth of analysis that is vital to organizational strategy. The COMPAS team provided a level of critical thinking that was key to helping us test and verify long-held assumptions about the behaviours of a key asset of our organization."

Sarah Temple
Acting Director, Creative Enterprises & Marketing for Share Our Strength Washington, D. C.

"Your report was excellent and very helpful. Thanks!"

Tim Woods
Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

"I think COMPAS and Conrad are great, and you can quote me."

Lorrie Goldstein
Editor of the Toronto Sun

"My co-author and I want the COMPAS team to know that we are very grateful for the hard work and valuable assistance on our MSN online dating project--just published!"

Robert Brym
Professor of Sociology University of Toronto and co-author, Love Online