What We Do - Respondents and Participants

We do general public studies in Canada and the United States, all possible executive and special audience studies in Canada and the United States, and selected special audience studies around the world.

COMPAS was created in 1987 in response to demand for executive and other special audience studies. We have developed the special skills, protocols, procedures, and interviewers necessary for successful studies among countless difficult-to-interview groups.

A partial list of these groups includes: CEOs and senior business executives, skilled labourers, farmers, medical professionals, investors, shareholders, stakeholders, educators, public servants, youth, and seniors. We undertake special audience studies in Canada, the United States, and around the world.

We have an especially strong competitive edge in studies among business executives. COMPAS’ The Business Agenda, now in its ninth year, is an unequalled syndicated study of CEOs, COOs, and CFOs in large, middle, and small enterprises.