What We Do - Research for Winning Strategies

COMPAS’ mission is to help clients outperform their goals and outshine their competitors.

Some clients come to COMPAS for excellent data and data analysis or insightful qualitative information. Other clients want COMPAS to develop and research-test strategies on their behalf.

Our core deliverable is accurate measurement of the opinions, attitudes, and perceptions held by our clients’ customers, stakeholders, or publics.

  • Our supplementary or value-added deliverable is strategic advice based on such information as
  • Attitudes towards our client * Attitudes towards our client’s competitors or critics, and
  • Forecasts of how our client’s customers, stakeholders, or publics would be affected by strategic actions by our client or its competitors.
  • Our goal is designing research for maximum client advantage. To this end, we discuss with clients the pros and cons of alternative research methods, audiences, and sample structures and sizes.

Whatever their needs, our approach to research for clients is guided by an old rule in carpentry—measure three times and cut once.