What We Do - Perception Analyzer Technology

Participants use Perception Analyzer hand-held dials to answer questions, give feedback and communicate opinions. The resulting data points are instantaneously displayed via computer to moderators, viewing clients, event facilitators and instructors, allowing the opportunity to see results from a variety of question formats.

The Perception Analyzer was originally designed for improving communication in focus groups. It allows respondents to answer closed end questions non-verbally and anonymously, promoting unbiased participation and eliminating 'group think' and negative group dynamics. The moderator can consider a respondent's verbal responses in light of their non-verbal PA answers, looking for similarities and differences.

The PA is used extensively in advertising research, for radio, TV and print ads. The moment-to-moment analysis of continuous material like audio and video makes PA data a valuable addition to traditional techniques like recall and persuasion testing. Any project that requires a live group to see test material, or take part in open ended questions can be made more efficient by adding the PA.