International and Multicultural
What We Do

COMPAS has carried out targeted social segment studies of all of Canada's main ethno-racial-religious immigration groups as well as extensive research among First Nations, Inuit, and Metis. We have also been key contributors of design and operational expertise to surveys being carried out in the new African country of South Sudan, Iraq, Syria, and Tunisia, the birthplace of the Arab spring.

How We're Different

We understand the essential importance of knowing the culture of any group being surveyed. It is vital to tailor the content (words, phrases) to each group and to design interviews that enable respondents to feel comfortable sharing their genuine views and experiences. Resources permitting, it is desirable to use native speaking interviewers, equipped with regionally appropriate accents, whether doing fieldwork overseas or within North America. Our most recent publication reports on the diversity of Muslim attitudes in Canada based on both survey interviews and focus groups.

Sampling of Clients: