Company History
Some places where our polls have appeared:

COMPAS is an independent, global, non—partisan supplier of research and research—backed strategy to business, government, associations, think tanks, and not-for-profit organizations.

Currently celebrating our 30th year, COMPAS specializes in interviewing difficult—to—reach audiences—including CEOs and CFOs stakeholders, journalists, international agencies, niche clients, and more.

COMPAS' experts are local and global. We have partners and facilitators in most cities across Canada—big and not so big. We have colleagues located across the globe—from a new metropolitan area in the heart of southern California to an entirely new country—South Sudan—in the heart of Africa.

COMPAS is an opinion research firm that always exceeds well accepted standards for quality. We differ from other research firms in
  • Doing proportionately more studies than our competitors of stakeholders, experts, opinion leaders, and other special audiences, and
  • Taking on program evaluation, corporate governance, and other complex studies that research firms do not often do.
  • Pioneering the intensive use of Statistics Canada demographic data to improve survey accuracy.

Our research and strategic planning team is dynamic, innovative, and insightful. This combination results in novel solutions for complex problems. For example, our Parliament-mandated review of the Canadian Grain Commission and Canada Grains Act led to many recommendations. Our main recommendations were adopted unanimously by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food.

We often do election polls to test how innovation can improve forecasts. COMPAS is best in many predictions - for example in 2011, COMPAS alone predicted a majority Harper government. Key to our success was psychological probing of how voters truly felt about the party leaders. We used scenarios that had very little to do with politics but everything to do with how voters would actually make up their minds.

Our focus is Canada even though international clients, attracted by our scientific thoroughness, have engaged us to do studies in Africa, the Middle East, the U.S., and Europe.

COMPAS' clientele includes:
  • Commercial organizations like RE/MAX and Foresters seeking competitive advantage;
  • Federal, provincial, and municipal governments and their service units (e.g. police) needing to track the changing opinions and experiences of their members.
  • Regulatory bodies and professional associations
  • Service providers needing to profit in the fickle market for financial service providers;
  • Charities (Special Olympics) and other not-for-profit organizations (Rotary International) needing to maximize client satisfaction and stakeholder goodwill;
  • Health and Regulatory Bodies needing objective information on the variable opinions and attitudes of their stakeholders and clients in this highly charged sector;
  • International agencies needing sound information to predict developments in unstable areas of the planet.