Sampling of Clients:

What We Do

COMPAS advises organizations on how to organize entirely new entities, create fresh governance structures for old entities, or modify existing structures. Canadians, Americans and other democratic peoples place a high value on transparency and accountability in the organization in which they have a stake. They want governance structures to reflect these democratic ideals within the specific culture and values of their own organization.

To enhance the trust of their stakeholders, more and more organizations are striving to adapt their governance structures to democratic ideals. They want to do this to strengthen the commitment of their stakeholders and their reputational leverage without risking the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

How We're Different

We bring to bear three sets of skills:
  • Stakeholder research—the ability to elicit accurate measurements of the attitudes and willingness to engage in trade-offs among the many stakeholders of an organization;
  • Governance—deep knowledge of the principles and practices associated with good governance; and
  • Program evaluation—the ability to collect and/or interpret a wide variety of data and information on the effectiveness of an organization and how such effectiveness would be impacted by changes in governance.