The Founder - Dr. Conrad Winn
Picture of Dr. Conrad Winn
Perhaps you know Conrad Winn from his appearances on English or French language television or interviews in the National Post, The Ottawa Citizen, and The Vancouver Sun, or other papers. Perhaps you recall his interviews in the Canadian and U.S. press.

Wherever you saw or heard him, you're bound to remember that Conrad told you a lot more than how well a political party or government was doing. He told you the strategies that worked the strategies that failed, and the potential new thinking that could turn the tables.

"By far the best pollster in all of Canada by a country mile," declared a longstanding commentator on radio in Ottawa. "Others explained [the 2011 federal election] after the fact but he was the only one to explain it before the fact."

There's nothing dispassionate or detached about Conrad when he's working for a client with a challenge or competitive ambition. Conrad and the COMPAS team mobilize everything they know about research methodology and every possible idea that could be used for the client's competitive advantage.

Dr. Winn holds the Ph.D. from the world-ranked Wharton Business School and is author of many books and professional articles in the field of research and communication.

COMPAS' large community of experts share Conrad's thirst for knowledge and appetite for service. They are experts in
  • Technique-multivariate analysis, predictive analytics, and inbound and outbound facilitation,
  • Substance-marketing, PR, finance, strategic planning
  • Sector segments - finance, agriculture, education, health, among other fields, and
  • Social segments - First Nations, newcomers, disabilities, the elderly, the young, and others.

COMPAS' experts are local and global. We have facilitators in most cities across Canada—big and not so big. We have colleagues located across the globe—from a new metropolitan area in the heart of southern California to an entirely new country-South Sudan-in the heart of Africa.