What We Do - How are COMPAS’ Focus Group Facilities Different?

COMPAS’ focus group facilities, located at our office in midtown Toronto offices, are designed to maximize traditional focus group and perception analyzer technology in four ways

Focus group picture1. We have combined the perception analyzers with a state of the art 3M wall display. This advanced dual-mode Digital WallDisplay combines a multimedia projector, stereo sound, copy board and digital whiteboard. We use the WallDisplay with the perception analyzers to allow participants interact with the material being analyzed.

For example, the moderator will ask participants to evaluate a commercial. After playing the commercial once, the moderator can immediately assess when the weak points in the commercial occurred. The precise moments that received the worst and best scores can then be put back on the screen and participants can use the white board feature to draw over the aspects of the scene that were positive or negative. The same application can be used in messenger testing. Here participants can touch, circle, or outline those features of body and facial expression that were the most or least appealing.

Focus group picture2. The perception analyzers and Wallboard can be operated from the participant or observation room. Depending on the nature of the subject matter and respondents, our facility has been designed so that the moderator and client have flexibility in designing the session.


Focus group picture3. Our Moderators are qualified and trained focus group facilitators and perception analyzer leaders. We combine many years of traditional focus group experience with specific training in PA technology and applications



Focus group picture4. Our facility is designed to minimize respondent unease and discomfort. There is no visible camera in the participants’ room and microphones are small and not easily detectible. Further, while all facilities claim to use one way mirror, we have gone beyond the customary practices to make sure that participants do not see shadows and figures from behind the glass.