What We Do

COMPAS does audience studies for media and those who depend on media as well as communications—effectiveness studies for all types of organizations. We sometimes do projects for media release.

Our record of audience research is huge. We have done extensive audience research across English Canada, in parts of the United States, and in parts of the Third World. Because of confidentiality considerations, we are not able to fully reveal our clientele, but we can reveal how we're different.

How We're Different

Our audience studies are different in two ways. First, we do research not only to identify the best and worst strategies for our clients but, we also suggest exploring the best and worst strategies for our clients' competitors. Secondly, we do extensive psychological exploration of the true motivations of audiences and how they actually use their media, using direct, indirect, and inferential measures.

Our communications—effectiveness studies involve message-testing, as does the work of other firms. We go beyond message-testing to do messenger-testing and also episode-testing, i.e. testing how a particular news cycle or public affairs setting could affect how audiences feel about a given message or messenger. We also do formal disaster checking using our proprietary processes. Please feel free to consult us on the details.

Sampling of Clients: