COMPAS Poll/Survey
Feb 20, 2012

First of Two Part Series on Obama's Budget and Petroleum Strategy, Part 1 on Obama's Budget

Obama's Budget and General Performance-Good Grade for Race Relations, Failing Grades for Economic Management

  Weekly CEO/Business Leader Poll by COMPAS in Canadian Business
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Compared to three years ago, the CEOs and business leaders in the COMPAS business panel continue to assign President Obama a good grade for race relations. But they give him a failing grade for managing the economy and especially for insufficient achievement in cutting reliance on overseas oil and cutting the deficit (table 2a). On balance they tend to blame the President for not controlling the deficit (table 2b).

With respect to provisions for increased spending, panelists tend to agree with the Obama advocacy of more spending on education and disagree with his commitment to more spending on foreign aid, for example to encourage democracy in the Arab world (table 2c).

With respect to cuts, panelists are most supportive of reductions at Homeland Security and least supportive of cuts to the Justice budget, which includes the FBI (table 2d).

These are the key findings from this past week's Internet survey of CEOs and business leaders on the COMPAS panel. The weekly business survey is undertaken for Canadian Business magazine

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